Touch the Heart Uganda collaborated with Girls in School Initiative and Men Engage Uganda to hold a Menstural Health and Stigma activity at Answar Muslim high school in wakiso district- luteete zone. The activity was aimed to discuss with students both male and female matters concerning Menstruation Health Management and hygiene focusing on the myths and stigma around it under the theme, “gender equality today for sustainable tomorrow with Attendance of 53 male 80 female

With the aim to build esteem during menstruation, It was made clear that this is a normal process in the female’s life that they ought to hold pride in and its one of the many things that defines them from which they have the mandate and rights to speak about and also demand for related services and support.
And that boys have a pivotal role in “breaking the Bias” and stigma around Menstruation hence the importance for them to squire related information.

Students also recommended that :-
• Governmentshould consider providing less costly or free menstrual materials as it is a necessity.
• They also recommended that schools should hold similar activities termly as they are informative and engaging from which they learn a lot and benefit.
• They also recommended that school administrators should consider purchasing incinerators to reduce the risk of the infections and diseases to the school community due to using unsafe places to dispose off the used sanitary material.

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