community engagement with students

We carry out community engagement with students, leaders and community member to reach out to cleaning communities , health facilities and schools in the bid to promote hygiene as well sensitization on the roles and responsibilities for the young people in promoting health and its benefits These activities are curried out once in 3 months at least

Touch The Heart Advocacy Engagements

#The Rising Generation

#The Rising Generation campaign is aimed at reaching out to needy adolescents with challenges concerning their education and health. Touch the Heart Uganda is partnering with St. Matia Mulumba Orphanage located in kyengera to help put smiles on the children there and walk with them to the journey of realising their success through aid in scholastic material like books , pads for girls, clothes , social engagement and looking for sponsorships and scholarships for the children through our media pages.

The campaign is aimed at addressing SDG 4 on quality education

Namale Irene

Namale Irene

She Is a 14year old girl of a grounded Christian back ground doing her Primary five (5) at St. Matia Mulumba Orphanage. She is under the custody of her mother who is a single Parent with a small vendor business Un able to sustain her child’s school and some needs. Irene has a dream of becoming a Tailor To help achieve her dream please email or call us

Ainemigisha Angella

Ainemigisha Angella

She is an 11 year old young adolescent in her primary three (3) whose being taken care of by her single mother. Angella’s mother is a market vendor with the incapacity to rightly support her two children’s education. Angella has a dream of becoming a dancer after having attained a certain possible level of education. To help her achieve her dream please contact us #risingGeneration.

Ainembabazi Cecilia

A 10 year old adolescent in her primary two (2). She is the second girl child of her single mother who is a market vendor. Her dream is to become nurse with the desire to help people a dream which she thinks won’t be possible due to the fact that her mother may not be able to finance her studies further. To help Cecilia Achieve her dream , please contact us #risingGeneration

Yosam Niro

15 year old adolescent in his primary five (5). His dream is to become a farmer. He is under the custody of his mother who is a single parent of five children and works in a restaurant. To help Niro please contact us. #risingGeneration

Ssebandeke Andrew

13 year old adolescent in his primary three (3). He has a deep passion for school and his dream is to become a Head teacher. He suffers from Cerebral Palsy from bath, a disease that has crippled him both physically and mentally. Approximately his mother needs about 8 dollars per week to transport him for therapy which he nolonger get due financial hardships even in supporting his academic His mother is a single parent and a primary school teacher. To support Andrew please contact us #risingGeneration

Tasinwaku Rose

7year old adolescent in her primary two (2) with a dream of becoming a dancer. Her mother is a single parent working in a restaurant with financial hardships to ably support her child’s education and needs. To help Rose meet her dream kindly contact us #risingGeneration


This is our new project and that is aimed at promoting awareness about the dangers of COVID-19 in Uganda and what people should do by maintaining the Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs) A’s means of protecting their health , their loved ones and the community around them. This campaign is done through reaching out to the communities, schools and on social media. Covid-19 is as security threat that has antagonised the world order therefore #Twekume (let’s protect our selves)

Touch The Heart Advocacy Engagements

Boys for Change Campaign

Boys for change campaign with partners including the Buganda kingdom and Mama’s club Uganda , where we engage adolescent boy on HIV/AIDS prevention, stigma , treatment and victimization


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