We are making a difference.

We work with Individuals, Households and Communities to cause Health and well-being, Climate Change mitigation and Socio-Economic Development with the support of Partners, Networks and Collaborators.

Our Focus Areas

As an Organisation, we work to awaken a gender sensitive and justice era where equal opportunities are available for all. We believe this is achievable through our service delivery and advocacy activities centered on our unique approach of Community Led Development, where we empower community members to spearhead their own development in all aspects of life particularly beginning with our Focus areas as outlined below:

Climate Change Mitigation

  • Tree Planting
  • Harnessing new technologies.
  • Promoting renewable energies
  • Improving efficiency of older energy systems

Health and Well-being

  • Nutrition Health
  • Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights
  • Mental Health

Gender Advocacy

  • Gender Equality and Equity
  • Gender Based Violence

Socio-Economic Development

  • Entrepreneur`s Gauge Skilling Program
  • Livelihoods Program
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Support Our Cause

We work with the grass-roots in problem identification, solution formulation,activity implemenetation, target beneficiary selection and project implementation through the selection and implementation committees.

Become a Volunteer

Together We Can Change The World!

The future is young. Youth face obstacles trying to reach their full potential. In Githurai, teenage pregnancy is a challenge requiring action now. Lets do more with young people to reach other young people @FP2030Global @NyawiraMachari2 @alex_omari1 @Monica_Kerrigan @PeterNgure

#Accountability is 🔑 in both planning,project & activity work. As an @FP2030Global commitment maker we had an activity reporting meeting with @SamashaUg the lead org in drafting the 2022 UG #FP2030 Status Report. Part of our efforts is increased access to SRHR info to youth

In the quest to advance the Rights of women, girls and youth, we signed an MOU with @GlobalLUg as our new Offical partner. We envision increased eduction and empowerment opportunities to enable the vulnerable reach their full potential.

It was a previllage to have a partnership meeting with the @GNB_Uganda national coordinator @namara259 on matters concerning advancing the fight against #Childmarriages and #teenagepregnancy in uganda. @JOYFORCHILDREN @GirlsNotBrides


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