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Touch the Heart Uganda Terms of Reference (TOR) for Board Members

  • Introduction
    Touch the Heart Uganda (THU) is young and growing youth led and youth serving non- governmental organization (NGO) that aims to improve the lives of vulnerable children, youth, and women in Uganda. The organization is looking for committed individuals to
    serve on its board of directors, including:-  Board Chairperson.  Finance Member.  Three board members. Role and Responsibilities
    The board members will be responsible for providing strategic direction and oversight to
    the organization. This will include:


  • A dedicated ability and desire to financially lobby on behalf of the organisation and
    build strategic partnerships.
  •  Providing leadership and guidance to the organization to ensure that it fulfills its
    mission and achieves its strategic objectives. 
  •  Ensuring that the organization complies with all relevant laws, regulations, and
    ethical standards. 
  •  Developing and implementing policies and procedures to guide the organization’s
  •  Monitoring the organization’s financial performance and ensuring that it is financially
  • Promoting the organization’s work and representing it to stakeholders, including
    donors, partners, and the public. 
  • Ensuring that the organization’s programs are effective and that they align with its
    mission. Benefits


  • Community involvement: Being part of an organization that is making a positive
    impact in the community will be a rewarding experience for board members. THU
    can offer board members the chance to make a meaningful contribution to the lives
    of vulnerable children, youth, and women in Uganda and be part of a mission-driven
  •  Personal and professional growth opportunities: THU will offer board members
    opportunities for personal and professional growth, such as providing access to
    training programs, conferences, and networking events when funds allow. These
    opportunities can help board members to develop new skills and knowledge and
    advance their careers.
  • Recognition and visibility: THU will recognize the contributions of its board members
    publicly, such as through social media, its website, or other communication channels. This recognition can help to build the board members’ reputations and enhance their
    professional profiles.
  • Sense of belonging: THU will foster a sense of belonging and community among its
    board members by providing opportunities for board members to connect with each
    other and with the organization’s staff and beneficiaries. This can help to create a
    supportive and collaborative working environment.
  • Leadership experience: Serving on a board of directors will provide valuable
    leadership experience that can be transferable to other roles and organizations. THU
    can offer board members the chance to develop their leadership skills by providing
    opportunities for them to lead committees or projects, participate in decision-making
    processes, and represent the organization to external stakeholders.


Applicants for board membership should possess the following qualifications:

  1.  A commitment to the mission and values of Touch the Heart Uganda.  
  2. A proven track record of leadership and strategic thinking.  
  3. Expertise in one or more of the following areas: finance, program management, fundraising, advocacy, or marketing.  
  4. Knowledge of the Ugandan context and the challenges faced by vulnerable children, youth, and women.  
  5. Experience serving on a board of directors or similar governing body.  Strong communication and interpersonal skills.  
  6. The ability to work collaboratively in a team environment.  
  7. Time Commitment.
  8. Board members are expected to commit to serving for a period of three years. The
    time commitment will include attending regular board meetings (at least two per
    year), participating in board committees, and contributing to the organization’s work
    between meetings



Application Process

Applicants should submit a cover letter and resume or curriculum vitae (CV) to the
organization’s email address, The cover letter should explain the
applicant’s interest in serving on the board and their qualifications for the
position.Deadline of submission is 30st June 2023 time 11:59 PM (EAT)

Touch the Heart Uganda is looking for committed individuals who have the capacity and
will to contribute the organization’s growth and development and are passionate about
improving the lives of vulnerable children, youth, and women in Uganda. We encourage
interested applicants to submit their applications and become part of our dedicated team. 

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