Projects & Programs

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Community Out Reaches

Touch the heart understands the society’s needs on how to help the younger members of the community.

Orphan Volunerable Children

The previous OVC focused more on assessing knowledge of the service provider (CSO) to deliver quality

Case Manangement

Case management in child protection is a shared mandate of agencies in the sectors of social welfare, health, security and justice.

Our Projects

We believe Community Led Development is the best means for the Young People to meaningfully contribute to addressing climate change.


Right 2 Grow Project


Our Services

Advocacy on Gender Justice, Equality & Equity

By sharing the stories of brave changemakers and gender justice groups, we bring attention to the critical issues that they face and show how with your support, we can bring about lasting change.

Advocacy on Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights.

Sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) is an inclusive term that encompasses the full range of rights related to sexuality, gender, reproduction, including sexual and reproductive health, an area which we seriously work to realize on adaily basis.

Advocacy on Gender Based Violence

You are all welcome to comment on effective stategies for increasing advocacy and information-sharing on how women and men politicians can translate knowledge on GBV into policy and law.

Economic Empowerment

Through community led Develoment approach we are able to skill CBOs, NGOs, Schools, communities and individuals.

Climate Change Mitigation

We champion the practical experience on the ground to feed into program development, policy analysis and advocacy on climate change, both nationally, regionally and internationally.

Youth in Leadership

Youth leadership is the practice of teens exercising authority over themselves or others. Youth leadership has been ellaborated upon as a theory of youth development focusing on realising Youth potential.

Youth Hub

The young generation carried by willingness to discover themselves are taken through a heart to heart sesion where they discover more about life and what they should do to live as meaningful young people who can champion development in this generation.