The National Children’s Parliament whose theme was “Creating An Africa Fit For Children” was organized to raise the voices of children on matters concerning
•Climate change and resilience
•Sanitation, Water and Hygiene
•Food and Nutrition Security
The event was graced by Hon: Mahoka Margret, a member of the Childrens Parliamentary committee and supported by World Vision Uganda, The Hunger Project Uganda, The Nutrition Society of Uganda and The National Children Authority

The parliament was characterized by different committees which seat and discussed particular issues which were raised on the floor of Parliament and they included : Requesting government to hear and meet their needs, combat inflation to support reduction of prices on food items, identify the role of children when it comes to their planning and service delivery and a uniform food policy in all schools.

It was also from the National Childrens Parliament that one of them represented the voices of the Children in Uganda at the African Children’s Parliament.

Childrens voice are very key and so they must be heard and also supported more information and advocacy skills.

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