A group of Young visual Artists is carried out a campaign on the “MasksOn” Art _exhibition, which was intended to pera phase the impact of Covid-19 to the Nation.

“Art Roots”

Theme: Fighting the pandemic, Creating Opportunities & enhancing choices to provide high quality services to people in growing Communities.

A Picture is a poem with words and a painting is just another way of keeping a diary. However art pieces are auctioned to foreign investors and either Government officials creating opportunities to people in growing Communities.

Beautiful, Elegant justifying how covid 19 has created alot of anxieties in our lives though it’s our concern to embrace them…!and Making awareness about the Covid-19 pandemic.

Artists from the Margret trowel school of Industrial and Fine Art Makerere University together with legal partners (Infectious Diseases Institute-Makerere university , GZ Kampala, Uvada Uganda, National Youth council of Uganda, MTWA Uganda Touch the heart Uganda and the Uganda Museum are looking forward to transforming communities through visual art.

The art exhibition was held @ the Uganda Museum which happened from 8th to 16th October 2021.


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