Touch the heart uganda


To advocate for the rights of the young people mainly addressing SDGs (1, 3, 4, 5, and 8) through policy formulation and implementation involvement, making access to information possible and engaging the youth in productive
and sustainable activities

Our Mission

“We seek to create a United gender sensitive era of youth, fully empowered and equipped with diverse knowledge on the cultural evolution with uniform accessibility and socioeconomic development agitation as we extend unconditional love across Uganda.”

Our Vision

“To build a vibrant youthful generation concerned about gender equity, equality, cultural diversity and socioeconomic development.”

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Mariam Otengo (Ms) Our PATRON
Masters on going International Public Policy at Queen Mary University ENGLAND
Post graduate Diploma Human Resource management... UMI Post Graduate Administrative Law ...LDC Kampala B'SWSA .... UCU MUKONO

Foreign service officer ( Counsellor ) 2019 to date
SEN Private Secretary to HE the president of republic of Uganda in charge Youth Affairs 2008 to 2019
Probation and welfare officer ... volunteer...Lira District local government 2006 to 2008
Child protection officer... Lira School of catering and hotel management 2004 to 2006

Our Guiding Principles

The philosophy and experience of Touch the Heart Uganda is based on the reality that every human being is a unique individual and that we all have a right to basic needs and should access means to a comfortable life in one way or another.

Touch the Heart Uganda seeks to glorify God by serving humanity through excellent GOD- centered nurturing, care and Education. We bear witness to the redemption offered only through faith. The staffs we engage are equipped by belief and practice to bear this witness.

We provide support to one another, working cooperatively, respecting one another's views, and making our work environment fun and enjoyable. Listening to and respecting each other whilst working together to achieve mutually beneficial results.

Touch the Heart Uganda seeks to ensure that people have their voices heard on issues that are important to them, defend and safe guard their rights, have their views and wishes genuinely considered when decisions are being made about their lives. Touch the Heart Uganda treasures it's people and in this way enables them to express their views and concerns , help them access information and services, pushes them to explore choices and options. We take into account the views of people that need to be listened to especially those that find it difficult to make their views known.

Touch the Heart Uganda seeks to ensure that every individual has an equal opportunity to make the most of their lives and talents, and that no one should have poorer life chances. Each individual is given equal opportunity regardless of what, whom they were born, what they believe or whether they have a disability. This is because Touch the Heart Uganda believes in the spirit of togetherness for the betterment of the lives of its family.
These core values serve as guiding principles for our employees, board of directors, advisors, stakeholders and recruiting new members of Touch the Heart Uganda.

We take personal responsibility for using our resources efficiently, achieving measurable results, and being accountable to supporters, partners and most especially to all our team. We undertake to be open, honest and accountable in our relationships with everyone we work with, and with each other. Acknowledging and assuming responsibility for actions, products, decisions and policies.

We recognize the need for our work to reflect for gender and diversity issues.

Creativity, visionary, energetic and inspirational.

We uphold the values and principles of Touch the Heart Uganda in every action and decision, acting with honesty and honor without compromising the truth.

How you can help as a Sponsor

Sponsors can help by directly donating to Touch the Heart Uganda and can choose where the money goes from the projects at the time of donation. Alternatively, sponsors may wish to purchase necessary items for a particular project.

Current project funds

will be used on;

Proposed Dialogue


Program Materials

Sponsorship/ scholarships for the Girl Child.

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